“Build an Advisory Practice” is a common refrain, and great advice, but no one provides instructions on the “how”…

Until now.

Growth CPR cracked the code.

We will teach you to use the same advisory tools and frameworks used by the name brand consulting firms.  

Compliance services are a commodity.  Stand out from the undifferentiated crowd by helping your clients see and comprehend their business with greater clarity and insight.  You know their numbers.  Demonstrate you know their business.

We want to build and grow our Advisory Practice

What Makes Us Different

We don’t tell you to “sell more”, we actually give you something to sell.

Growth CPR delivers targeted, entry-point, advisory frameworks to CPA firms, addressing their top priorities by solving top business challenges:

     1.     Cash management

     2.     Gross profit improvement

     3.     Expense reduction

Growth CPR Addresses Your Top Priorities

The top priorities for most CPA firms are (1) how do we get more clients, (2) how do we increase fees per client, and (3) how do we diversify away from compliance based services.  

Advisory services help solve a company’s problems and are in demand.  We all know and agree that compliance services, by definition are undifferentiated and viewed as a necessary evil.  

Advisory services that address and solve client problems will lead to new client as well as increase fees from existing clients.  

Advisory services are the only hedge against the flat growth rates and downward price pressure for compliance services.    

The Growth CPR Advantage

The Growth CPR advantage is very simple.  We get your firm up the learning curve significantly faster than you would on your own.  

We have the experience, knowledge, and product that will result in a higher growth rate for your firm.  The Growth CPR taught advisory services are repeatable, can be mastered by CPA and non-CPA professionals, and can benefit your existing clients.    

We want to build and grow our Advisory Practice

Don’t Believe the Hype

Advisory is built on $5,000 wins

Don’t let anyone tell you different. 

Smart person consulting practices are one-person shows.  That person cannot be replicated and can charge high fees for their expertise.

We are going to help your firm build an advisory practice that is institutional, not individual.  Where skills can be taught to every level, and can be replicated.  Just like an audit.

The Benefits of Advisory


  • Increase and diversify firm fee revenue

  • Improve client financial performance

  • Reduce staff reductions after busy season

  • Are actually valued – and are desperately needed – by businesses


  • Create “enterprise value” for your firm

  • Differentiation – a true competitive advantage

  • Hire different entry staff at a lower cost (non-CPA vs CPA)

  • Staff satisfaction and development improves retention – Win the “war for talent”


  • Mitigates the risk associated with succession planning

  • Overall higher quality of staff

  • Immediate cash-out of equity partners versus earn out

How Much Does Growth CPR Cost?

We individualize your program based on the needs and size of your firm

Our program to build and grow your advisory practice will be customized to your firm.  Plans start at $5,000 for a half-day remote session where we will teach client identification, three basic advisory services, and how to sell those advisory services to your clients. 

Contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can plan a program with you specific to your firm and show how the ROI on a Growth CPR program will be at least 10X. 

We want to build and grow our Advisory Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an outside advisor to grow my advisory practice?

You may not.  The transition from compliance-based services to advisory services is not easy, but many people have done it successfully.  We have.  We help firms bypass the experience curve and train them on practical, repeatable advisory services that serve as the foundation for building a more robust and differentiated advisory practice.

How much does Growth CPR cost?

It depends (a classic consulting response…).  We will build a program that suits your needs.  On the low end, Growth CPR can serve in an advisory capacity to firm management for a fixed quarterly fee.  These engagements typically have fees of a few thousand dollars.  On the high end, Growth CPR can serve as an outsourced advisory support team, acting behind the scenes, providing expert guidance and insights, and enabling a firm to offer more complex and higher value advisory engagements.  In the middle are Growth CPR trainings which provide the knowledge and frameworks to deliver valued and needed advisory services to a firm’s existing client base.

How is Growth CPR different from all the other services and training courses available?

don’t tell you sell more advisory services. 
We teach you

(1) what the top business challenges
are, (2) how to identify companies with
your existing client base that face these challenges and need help, and (3) frameworks and “recipes” to
follow to help businesses address those challenges.  We teach the theory and the practical “what” and “how”
to accelerate the growth of a firm’s advisory practice.

Why should we trust you?

Great question.  We respect professional skepticism.  Growth CPR was founded by two ex “Big 4” consultants, one of which was a partner who founded two substantial advisory practices.  We know how to build advisory practices.  We love helping CPA firms transition from commoditized compliance-based services to valued advisory services.  You know the client’s numbers.  We help you demonstrate you know their business.

We have a hard enough time selling compliance services. How will we sell advisory services?

We understand.  Compliance services, by definition, are undifferentiated and largely viewed by companies as a necessary evil.  Advisory services help solve a company’s problem and are in demand.  We teach CPA firms how to identify hidden opportunities within their existing client base, develop a repeatable and practical solution with an objectively determined ROI.  And, if a firm is unable to sell advisory services of at least 10x the Growth CPR fees in the first year, we will refund the fees, no questions asked.

Do you have to come to my offices or visit my sites?

No.  We prefer in-person interactions and training, but we are adept at working remotely and in a fashion that makes clients comfortable.

Peter Mares

About Peter

In addition to founding of two practices as a partner at the global accounting firm KPMG, Peter has also held executive and C-level positions in global, mid-market and small businesses.

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About Frank

Frank is a KPMG alumni who co-founded Growth CPR in 2020.  Aside from traditional advisory experience, Frank also has Business Process Outsourcing and Litigation Support advisory experience.

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We want to build and grow our Advisory Practice