We recently had an interesting back-and-forth with someone about whether Growth CPR was just another “upselling” company.  That we are just advocating a sales technique used to get a client to spend more by buying an upgraded or premium version of what is being purchased. 

Our response was “unequivocally not!”

But the individual had valid points and concerns.  They are a champion of the CPA profession and did not want another charlatan peddling schemes and tactics that would bring dishonor to Main Street CPA firms. 

Fear not, valiant knight.  Growth CPR stands beside you to restore honor to the much maligned “consultant” role.

We are huge fans of Gary Larson’s “The Far Side”, and the following cartoon perfectly captures the “upselling” approach we abhor.

Growth CPR is a champion of Main Street CPA firms.  Our purpose is to equip them with the tools and frameworks to provide value and insight to their clients, whether they get paid for it or not, and allow them to differentiate themselves in a largely undifferentiated market.

Main Street CPA firms are on the front line of helping small businesses not only survive the current turmoil, but to thrive.  Delivering a multiple more in value than has been received in fees is advisory.  That is what we advocate and champion.  And in helping their clients thrive, they help themselves thrive as well.   A true win-win.

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