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What are the Growth CPR tools?

Growth CPR has curated world-class expert tools and frameworks.  We then tailored them specifically for Main Street CPA firms.  We added guidelines on how to present and implement the results.  We then consolidated them into a single go-to place for growth.

We believe that you should first apply these tools internally to your firm and then externally to your clients.

Each topic starts with an overview of the tool or framework in order to lay the foundation for understanding.

The basics are presented to guide the reader through the purpose of the framework.

Then the fun begins.  Use and application of the framework is explained in practical terms. You learn the “how to” of implementation while boosting your business acumen.

We also include a critique and suggested complimentary tools, followed by an example (as appropriate).  Lastly, we provide direction how the Main Street CPA firm can engage a client in dialogue about the value of the tool for their business.

Each topic is 4 – 8 pages long and covers everything a member needs to prepare themselves, their firm, and their clients, for growth.

Practical.  Relevant.  Impactful.  What every Main Street CPA firm needs to grow and thrive.

The Growth CPR content is organized to help Main Street CPA firm clients address their most fundamental challenges:

How should I think
about my business?

Management thinks about their company’s business all of the time. You think about your practice all of the time.  

Growth CPR delivers the expert tools, frameworks, and know-how to make thinking about business more expansive and strategic. 

Our tools permit seeing and comprehending business with greater clarity, creating a competitive advantage for Main Street CPA firms and their clients.

How should I manage
my business?

Management is both a science and an art. We all think we are great managers, but there is always room for improvement.

Growth CPR provides the “paint-by-numbers” practical tools and frameworks that empower businesses to practice their art more effectively and productively. 

Using these tools, Main Street CPA firms will have a heightened ability to identify latent performance improvement opportunities for themselves and for their clients. 

An example of the content in this section is the RACIS Matrix.

How can I grow
my business?

Want to grab a CEO’s attention? Talk about revenue growth and how to achieve it.  You probably want to achieve that internally also, right?

Main Street CPA firms can stand out from the undifferentiated tax and compliance crowd by giving the business audience what they want – ideas on how to profitably grow revenue. Growth CPR curates successful strategies to revive growth. Tailored specifically to and for Main Street CPA firms.  Helping your client grow helps you grow..

An example of the content in this section is the Customer Development Model.