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How Should I Use Growth CPR

The first step in using Growth CPR is to understand the model or framework that you are about to use.  Once you understand the model or framework, you have to understand your role in the process.

The Main Street CPA firm’s role is to facilitate leading the client through a process of discovery and examination by asking probing questions, exploring avenues of thought, challenging assumptions, and playing the devil’s advocate. 

Allow the client to speak and speculate while using the questions and talking points in each of the documents.  Taking notes will provide you with the details to prepare a deliverable for the client.  If it feels like pulling teeth, the client is not right for this process. 

If you get too deep and start to feel In over your head, there’s two ways out.  First, do the extra research and become a subject matter expert.  It is a great way to differentiate yourself and your firm.  Second, call for reinforcements.  There is no shame in referring out your client to a subject matter expert.  In fact, this is a great way to continue to build out your own referral network and generate additional business for yourself and your firm. 


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