Frank Rochon

Frank is a Pennsylvania entrepreneur who co-founded Growth CPR in 2020.  

He spent the last 10 years coaching high school and youth sports, but always on the lookout for an opportunity to return to the advisory world.  Reuniting with former colleague Peter Mares, they formed Growth CPR to help small and mid-size accounting firms build and grow their advisory practices.  

Coaching track and field athletes is like advising business professionals.  The hardest part is objectively determining what they are best at and then convincing them to focus on that area even if it isn’t what they “dreamed of doing.”

A graduate of Harvard University, his early career focused on Business Process Outsourcing.  A highlight was helping to win and then manage the largest single project for one of the Big 4 accounting firms.  However, the most important lessons he learned in BPO was the power of asking “why”.  This foundational question inspired millions of dollars of savings for clients.

Asking “why,” combined with experience convincing athletes to succeed at something other than what they “dreamed of doing,” is what makes Frank exceptional.  Teaching about advisory services is easy, convincing clients to change is much harder.  Years of coaching facilitate that process.  

Frank and his family have lived in Pennsylvania for the last 15 years.  With young kids at home and older kids scattered across the country in college and beyond, he yearns for the days when he can have hobbies and free time again.

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