The poor attestation reports, tax returns, and trial balances.  They are viewed as a “valuable commodity” oxymoron by some.  A “necessary evil” by others.  “That is the most moving attestation report I’ve ever seen” said no one ever.

And that is a problem.  The product of your hard work that took you years of education and training to master is accepted by the client with a barely audible “Meh…”

What to do?

Spending money on fancy binding and lettering that is often advertised on the back page of industry rags is like putting racing stripes on a car.  It may make the car look better, but it does not help the car go any faster.

Assuming the CPA has the requisite competency, the content is not the problem.  Neither is the packaging.  The problem is what is missing.

Information.  Insight.  Actionable suggestions that move the profit or revenue needle forward.  Distinguishing the difference between symptoms and root causes of an issue.  Astute observations of trends and the underlying opportunities that litter the client’s business and industry.

That is what is missing.  That is what perks up a CEO’s or CFO’s ears.  That is what makes a CPA stand out from the undifferentiated crowd.

Not easy, certainly.  But achieving something of value is rarely easy.

Have your client love you for your mind.  Give them a reason to swipe right.  We mean, swipe credit.

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