Welcome to the inaugural blog of Growth CPR.  We are a company founded for the following purposes:

  1. To help CPA firms start, enhance and/or grow their consulting practices;

  2. To make our own “dent in the universe” by restoring some long lost honor to the much maligned consulting profession; and

  3. To have some fun doing #1 and #2

But why?

There is an old adage “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” I have always cared and had a deep desire to help people and businesses become the best version of themselves. No matter which side of the professional table I have been on – as an auditor/consultant or within a company – my overarching goal has consistently been to create something special that everyone can look back on in 3, 5 or 10 years with a sense of pride and see their fingerprints all over what has been accomplished.  

The idea for Growth CPR was born from a personal experience that both encapsulated all that was wrong with consulting (in my humble opinion) and opened the door of opportunity to make a difference and make a living. And since this story is about an accountant, it’s only proper to begin with a number.

$10 million.

That was the price tag for a Fortune 500 company to retain a world-renowned consulting firm to advise them on the transformation of their global finance operations.

The 186 page presentation was magnificent. The graphics and color schemes were visually stunning. Hardened executives struggled to maintain composure as feelings and emotions, long abandoned, surfaced in a surprise assault on their logical sensibilities. (Ok, the last remark was a bit much…). And when the presentation was over and it was time for action, there was unanimous agreement – no one knew how to implement the recommendations.  Except the consultants, of course. That was part of a “Phase II” proposal.

“Phase II” was never launched (thankfully) and the company turned to a newly hired ex-consultant (yours truly) to lead the global transformation. The transformation was a huge success, exceeding lofty expectations of savings, efficiencies and quality improvements, all on an accelerated time table.   

As a group, we did create something special and made our mark on the company. But the feeling of almost being snowed a second time by the renowned consulting firm made a mark too.  

My ideal livelihood would be writing and performing rock operas about the accounting profession. Imagine “The Auditor” sung to the tune of “The Wanderer” by Dion (yes, I’m dating myself, but it’s my blog so…). However there is no market for that (perhaps thankfully) so I needed to find another outlet where I could marry my logical side (the Accountant) with my creative side (wannabe rocker ala Rush, Aerosmith, Muse, Justin Bieber (not!), etc.).

My actual livelihood has ping ponged back and forth between accounting firms and internal corporate positions. I’ve worked with and for Fortune 500 companies, small, closely held businesses and have been a partner at a “Big 4” accounting firm. I started two practices within the accounting firm, one of which was spun out and grew to $125 million in revenue. Without a doubt, I have enjoyed working with and in small businesses the most, by a wide margin. The reasons? Small businesses have an unmatched passion that is contagious and are open to and grateful for advice. 

CPA firms are in a unique and privileged position to make a mark on their client’s businesses. By helping CPA firms grow, we participate vicariously in the growth and success of their client’s as well. That’s a pretty cool dent to make.

Come join us. Let’s grow!

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