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Why Growth CPR?

Who We Are

We are accountants. We love the profession. We have a unique mix of consulting and industry backgrounds, including executive positions in Fortune 500 companies, global billion dollar businesses, and the founding of two practices within a Big 4 accounting firm, growing one to over $125 million in annual revenues. We have a passion for learning and sharing insights gleaned from hard won experience.

Why We Focus on CPA Firms

We like you. And we are like you. We care about serving small businesses that really want and appreciate sound advice. We could attempt to boil the ocean and market to the 30 million+ small businesses in the U.S. and the 100’s of millions of small businesses worldwide. Or, we could focus on a smaller group of dedicated CPA firms that see the need, understand the opportunity and want to partner with us to make a dent in the universe and have a positive impact on their clients and on their own business. We choose to serve you.

What We Offer

Curated expert tools and frameworks, minus the jargon and consultant-speak, that CPA firms can use to grow their business and help their clients address their most fundamental challenges:

1. How should I think about my business?
2. How should I manage my business?
3. How can I grow my business?

The tools and frameworks are identical to the ones used by premier consulting firms and are presented in practical terms. These are foundational and proven concepts and practices, not flavor of the month buzzwords or trendy ideas.

Take a look at this sample section of the McKinsey 7S framework from “How should I think about my business?”.

“Learning new systems and processes is not mandatory….but neither is staying in business.”

– Bobby Darnell​

“Consulting: If you’re not a part of the solution, there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem.”

Growth CPR was founded for two purposes

1. To enhance a CPA firm’s ability to grow professionally, in competence, in reputation and financially (see the first quote); and,

2. To make our own “dent in the universe” by restoring honor to the much maligned “consultant” role (see the second quote).

3. To have some fun doing #1 and #2.

Ok, three purposes…

CPA firms hold a unique relationship with their clients as a trusted advisor. They are behind their client’s firewall with privileged access to and knowledge of the operational and business challenges. But the skills and training that make an accountant highly competent in technical compliance, bookkeeping and tax services do not easily translate to value adding advisory services.

Learn more about growing your advisory service with Growth CPR.

If the work you do is:

  • compliance-based
  • standardized
  • repetitive
  • not based on innovative or flexible customer interaction…

– it’s pretty likely that you’ll be replaced by a combination of robots, AI and outsourcing. If your client can find someone or something cheaper than you, they’re going to do it. Heck, you’d do it too.

So how do you differentiate yourselves in the largely undifferentiated market of CPA firms and grow? You deliver insightful business advice to your clients, derived from the tools and frameworks used by the Goliath firms (and, ahem, provided by Growth CPR…), leveraging your local presence and unique, trusted relationship, to wow your clients and become indispensable. Congratulations David, you’ve defeated Goliath.

Don’t give your client’s a reason to look elsewhere. Give them a reason to brag about you.

Learn more about our product.